The Acreage

Upper Plains, Wairarapa, Wellington

Growing flowers became an excuse for me to spend more time at our place in the Wairarapa a couple of years ago. The Acreage is my happiness project and being outdoors with the earth, weather and flowers is good for my head and body.

It occurred to me that on both sides of my family I have strong horticulture and flower arranging background and the penny dropped when I came across some photos of my grandmother’s flower work for the local church in England. From there it’s all fallen into place beautifully.

At The Acreage, I get to grow flowers that I love. We have always focused on eco-friendly growing and business practices on the property and with this in mind decided to grow enough to supply the lovely folks of Island Bay where I live during the week. 

 My primary goal is to spread a little bit of eco-conscious floral joy. 

 Front of mind for my flower business:

– It’s all about keeping it local, personal and connected. 

– Packaging is single use plastic free and toxic stuff free. Reusable wherever possible. 

– No extra wrapping, glitter or puffery. 

Growing techniques are based on soil health and I try to be as environmentally aware as possible. I intend to tread softly to encourage bees and beneficial greeblies. All flowers and foliage is spray free. 

Nurturing fresh seasonal flowers in healthy soil for local Island Bay flower lovers. My flower season runs from mid September to mid March, all going well. If you want to find out more, please see my Facebook or Instagram pages, or email me.

BRIGID van der TOL

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