DIY Flowers

We're committed to helping the whole community to buy flowers in bulk.

Flower lovers, flower arrangers, floral creatives and entrepreneurs can also get access to the wide variety of flowers by buying by the bucket. These are perfect if you plan to do your own floral arrangements for weddings, events or for your home.

You can order directly from growers or make an enquiry using the form below for the collective to curate the widest range of flowers. We offer buckets of loose flowers and foliage for you to collect from one of our members.

Buckets are filled with flowers that are fresh and in season. We offer two colour options - pastels and brights. If you have a particular colour theme or flower in mind we can curate a special bucket collection.

Typically a bucket holds 50 stems of flowers or 30 stems of foliage with stem lengths 30-70cm depending on variety of flowers.

- Mixed bucket (pastel or bright) $125 plus GST
- Curated bucket (with specific flowers or colours) $150 plus GST
- Foliage bucket (mix of foliage and herbs) $125 plus GST
- Installation foliage (large stems/branches) - price available on request

Special flowers e.g. roses, dahlias, sunflowers, peonies are not included in our mixed buckets but can be purchased separately by the stem. Flowers range from $3.50-12.50 per stem depending on the variety and availability.

Make an Enquiry

Tell us about what you are looking for when it comes to DIY Buckets and we'll be in touch to discuss your options and collection arrangements.